MG Tallgeese III improved

Remodeling work: MG Tallgeese III. Images, full modeler’s description

From the Modeler:

In order to increase mobility, i created it with the setting of Tallgeese III, which realized weight reduction by using carbon material in places where there is no problem with armor.
Extend the torso by 5 mm and add details to the abdomen
Since the mobility has been strengthened, the air supply / exhaust system has also been strengthened, and an intake port has been newly installed next to the duct.

This time, I added a lot of streaks around the legs.

The backpack uses a lot of carbon material to reduce weight, and carbon coating is applied to various parts.
Weapons are also being strengthened.

Sensors are installed in various places The sensor part glows green.

Before painting
It was the most difficult to erase the joints of the heat rods.

By adding an intake port next to the duct and installing a red chip inside the mesh, the mechanics have been reproduced. Also on the back

A heat sink is installed on the back to strengthen the air supply / exhaust system, and an exhaust port nozzle is installed.
Metal parts are used inside the exhaust port nozzle to improve the sense of precision.

The backpack uses a lot of carbon paint
Uses metal parts
Added heat sink and wire mesh by increasing the output

Detail up with etched parts inside the vernier
Vernier is burnt blue
Add a fuel pipe that connects the vernier to the inside of the backpack by bending the plastic rod or solder wire to improve the detail.
Etching parts are also used inside the vernier at the waist
Weapons are also strengthened and lightweight, so carbon material is often used
Replace the pipe with a wire mesh

Work by: elise_0727 (Twitter account)