Review PB RG Tallgeese III Titanium Finish

This is the P-Bandai RG Tallgeese III Titanium Finish review

The Tallgeese III kitted with RG is back with a titanium finish.
The price is 7,700 yen and it will be ordered by Premium Bandai.
The instruction manual is the same as the normal version, and one paper with parts order etc. was added.
Accessories are mega cannon, shield, heat rod,
Angled right handle, handle, flat hand, XX figure, stand joint,
And two saber blades are included.
Realistic decals are included for the stickers.
As for the surplus parts, some parts such as Tallgeese’s shoulders and shields are left over.
The Tallgeese III kitted with RG has been re-kitted as a titanium finish specification.
Here, the white armor is finished with titanium finish, and the frame and blue parts are changed to metallic molding color.
In addition, the antenna on the head is matte-plated for a more special finish.
The proportions haven’t changed in particular, and while the coloring is simple
The shoulders have been further increased in volume to reproduce the powerful appearance of Tallgeese III.
The gimmick and joint construction have not changed in particular, and it has the same structure as the Tallgeese series so far.
Of course, since it is RG, the parts are finely divided and the color scheme is also reproduced.
The white part is white-plated, just like the previous titanium finish.
The joints and other armor colors will be metallic colors.
However, this time, the conspicuous head antenna has a matte plating finish, making it more luxurious.
Of course, like Tallgeese, it goes well with the titanium finish.
The white plating and the silver that emerges on the edges are good accents and the finish is quite cool.

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