MG Wing Gundam Zero EW custom painted

Custom painted MG Wing Gundam Zero EW: images, info

From the Modeler:

I want to make a refreshing wing zero! That’s why I made it a refreshing color with the image of the wind!
I was wondering if I should make the wings move, but I stuck it on the pedestal.

I also like the back view

When you take a close-up shot, the omissions stand out

Pose of the manual I wanted to do this

Another angle

Check her shelter shield is tight?

I was worried about the color scheme

I thought about the color scheme with the markup of the iPhone. Actually, I decide the color like this every time.

100-yen glitter tape in clear parts
I tried arranging them before assembling.

Work by: プリン
aka: IGurGbe3Bgl0MMK (Twitter account)