HGUC Hi-Zack custom build

Remodeling work: HGUC RMS-106 Hi-Zack. Images, modeler’s info

From the Modeler:

First of all, it is from the standard equipment state of Zaku Machine Gun Kai and optional shield equipment.
In addition to my standard streak carving, plastic van processing, painting, inking, and decal sticking, I also tried to repair the power pipe and change the mono eye to LED.

To the state of holding the Zaku machine gun.

This is an armed state that diverted the beam rifle of Hazel Kai. I made my own missile pod.

This is the equipment state that diverted the beam saber of Gabthley that was made separately. Hi-Zac’s beam saber felt fresh.

And then to the state equipped with the feder-in rifle diverted from Gabthley.

Work by: pyonta
aka: pyonta0005 on Twitter