RG Nu Gundam HWS custom paint

Custom paint, some improvements for the RG Nu Gundam HWS: many images, info

From the Modeler:
The 8th Gunpla is the ν Gundam of Premium Bandai’s HWS expansion that arrived last year.
I started working in October and i was able to do it at the end of January, but I shot it yesterday
It takes 3 months to finish, 2 months to shoot
I longed for the coloring of the powered GM and tried painting it

Color-coded by carving more streaks
I don’t remember how many colors I used
Replace the decal with water transfer decals.
The funnels are marked from 01 to 06
The color of the Hyper Mega Rifle was not decided and I repainted it many times.
The details of the High Mega Shield have been improved

Work by: HARIBO