HGUC Gelgoog j Federal Army Captured custom

Custom build HGUC Gelgoog j Federal Army Captured and remodeled: info, images

From the Modeler:

It was made with the setting that the Federal Army captured and remodeled it based on Gelgoog j.
The shape of the head is changed with junk parts in the front part.
The camera eye crushes the mono eye part,
It’s like a GM.
I used a backpack from Jahannam
I’m adding a vernier.
The shoulders are processed from Red Warrior and attached.
Weapons are shields and rifles from GM II
Beam saber is added to the left hip.
Coloring is decided with reference to Powered GM

Finally, we weathered it.
The details are from Mr. Seira Maso
I used it as a reference.
The markings I put in here and there

Work by: komand