MG Astray Tsukiyomi custom

Custom build MG MBF-P00T Astray Tsukiyomi: full info and images

From the Modeler:

MG 1/100 MBF-P03D Made by mixing a little based on Gundam Astray Blue Frame D.
Generally read as “Tsukuyomi”
The coloring is based on the image of the pale glow of the moon, and the Astray series was named after the god of Japanese mythology, so I dared to use the royal road color.
It is equipped with a “new moon” that can hide the MS with a special Mirage colloid.
Named after the youkai “Shiranui”, which is said to appear on the day of the new moon, and the youkai “Kamaitachi”, which tears apart without noticing it.
It is equipped with an all-range attack capability “Dragoon System”.
The power source is battery-powered, but of a system similar to Zaft’s “Dutrion Beam Power Transmission System”
“Satellite system” is adopted.
A “reflector” is mounted on the forehead of this unit, which is a microwave receiver.
It has become possible to supply energy from the power generation facility constructed in Mars
As a general rule, it can be used only when the moon is rising (there is no obstacle between the current location and the moon).
72D5 type beam rifle
Dragoon system
Beam cannon type Shiranui x 6
Sword type Kamaitachi x 7
Sword-shaped dragoon united sword
Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Amenomurakumono sword)
The name of the MS was given by the god of the moon, so I chose the coloring that imaged the brilliance of the pale moon.
The forehead is the “reflector” of the microwave receiver.
Shiranui: Rear beam turret type system
Kamaitachi: Front sword type system
Equipped with two types of dragoons.
Atmospheric air combat equipment “Hayabusa”
Improves gliding ability in the atmosphere and basic ability of the propulsion system.
A giant sword in the form of a compound armament equipped with all sword dragoons, “Amenomurakumono Sword”

Work by: M.E.T.E.O.R
aka: METEOR_ZGMFX20A on Twitter