HGUC Crossbone Gundam X3 custom

Custom build HGUC Crossbone Gundam X3: full info, images

From the Modeler:

Crossbone Gundam X3 is complete!
That was two weeks ago. ..
was making Crossbone X2 and X3 almost at the same time.
I was able to post X2, and if I put a decal on X3 and top coat it, it would be complete.
However, at that time, I saw the craft wire (like a wire) used for the X2 cloak, and i had an idea
(This can be used to move the knuckles …)
Move the hands of the Gunpla, the fingers of the so-called manipulator.
If such a gimmick is 1/100 scale, the story can still be understood. But this is HG, neither MG nor RG.
Moreover, Crossbone Gundam is one of the smallest scales in the HG series.
The theory is very simple.
Cut off each joint of the finger and make a hole in the finger with a pin vise. Pass the wire coated with adhesive through the hole and you’re done.
Parts smaller than rice.

I saw that the holding power is small to hold a weapon etc. with only the wire, so I decided to put a magnet in the part on the palm side and put a magnet in the handle part of the weapon to strengthen the holding power.
Completed a manipulator that can be moved somehow

In the first place, I felt that the cloak I made by myself was a little with the attached handle when holding a gun.
However, most of the hand parts on the market have fingers spread out, so I personally wanted a relaxed flat hand
But at that time, I didn’t have that kind of craftsmanship, so hide the arm of the person who doesn’t have a gun with a cloak! That’s why it was an idea
(In fact, as you can see from the previous X2, all the guys with guns hide one arm with a cloack.

By the way, in the image, the chest part can be removed with a magnet (same for X2) It’s easy to attach the cloak

I tried to keep the caution marks etc. in the same position
The red line on one leg is a personal “taste”
Thank you for watching until the end!

Work by: dope
aka: dope1031666 (Twitter account)