MG MS06S Zaku Ace Pilot Spec. Custom

Remodeling MG MS06S Zaku Ace Pilot Spec. Many images, work in progress too, info

From the Modeler:

MS06S Zaku II is completed.
It is a Zaku created for an Ace pilot! Emphasizing the badness while being conscious of the detail up, the color is also painted in red, which is closer to orange like ace! I took a detour for about a year.
I also use a lot of Sazabi parts.
It’s easy to mix and the details have been decided
The chest is made of plastic board box set. My favorite is a mega particle cannon with a nice waist, maybe you can frame it with one shot! I summarized it while considering the balance with the Kampfer I made earlier!

Work by: black57775
Twitter: black