MG 1/100 Full Spec Zeong custom

しんきち’s MG 1/100 MSN-02 Full Spec Zeong custom: images, info and credits

When mixing, instead of hiding the original parts, i made it easy to understand to express the fun of Gunpla mixing.
The black light and rotating lights are used to create a mysterious feeling.

I use a lot of self-made decals.

It’s hard to see from the front, but thrusters are built in to sensitively increase mobility in various places.

A large propellant tank is essential because it uses a lot of thrusters.

The mega particle cannon on the waist, which is also a characteristic of Zeong, has been changed to a large, high output.

Looking from the bottom, many thrusters are arranged.

The skeleton is made from various MS parts.

Work by しんきち
@shinn41 on Twitter