Gundam Marker EX Gundam Plated Silver Review

This is the Review of XGM100 Gundam Marker EX Gundam Plated Silver on sale from GSI Creos

The size is the same as a normal Gundam marker
The same pen tip is used, isn’t it?
First, put out a test on paper
Obviously, the coated surface is rough, so there is no plating feeling.
HG customized parts have come out, so I would like to paint them.
First of all, I will paint it directly with a marker
If you apply it on the surface, the unevenness peculiar to marker application will appear after all.
There is unevenness, but the plating feeling is better than I expected.
Next I will try using the Gundam Marker Airbrush System
It wasn’t a beautiful place, so dust was mixed in …
Since the coating film is uniform, there is no unevenness and the plating feeling is quite good.
That was “XGM100 Gundam Marker EX Gundam Plated Silver”
Although it is a significant price increase from the previously released Gundam marker plated silver
It’s a marker type and doesn’t go as far as a mirror surface, but it’s amazing that you can paint properly.
For small partial painting, you can leave the marker as it is, but for surface painting, use the airbrush system.
You can apply it more beautifully if you use it.
Fingerprints are easily attached, so take sufficient time to dry and handle the painted area.

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