HGIBO Gundam Asmoday review

This is the HGIBO 1/144 Gundam Asmoday review

Gundam Asmoday newly made into a kit with HG from Iron-Blooded Orphans Urdr Hunt.
The price is 2,090 yen.

Accessories include rifle, Gigant Javelin, Grand Tonfa deployment parts,
It also comes with lead wire parts to reproduce the Gigant Javelin injection.

Stickers Compensate for the fine color scheme of each part.
some of the frame parts used in the iron-blooded kit are surplus.

This MS retains its original shape at the time of development, and it seems that it is a rare MS that was discovered as a perfect body.
The bright yellow color scheme that stands out in the pale gray armor is quite characteristic.
In addition to hand-held armament, both arms are equipped with a huge Grand Tonfa.

The polycap used is PC002 and ABS is not used.
the color scheme of the kit is reproduced, but there are many places that are quite insufficient.
There are many places to supplement with stickers or paint.

A black face, a yellow chin guard, and a head with an impressive unique antenna shape.
Here, a seam appears on a part of the back of the head.
In addition, the purple of the fins on the back of the head is supplemented with a seal.
Legs with bright yellow fins.
After all, there are places where the color is not enough, and there are many places to supplement with stickers.

Yellow and purple on the front of the thigh, gray on the side of the thigh, and yellow on the base of the ankle are stickers.
The mesh-structured mold next to the knee requires painting.

This is also made by sandwiching a part of the frame, so there is a seam on the back side.
Also, the fin-shaped part of the calf is gray, so this is also covered with a sticker.

The exact color scheme looks like this (watch below reference image) so it seems that masking will take some time and effort when painting.

This is the HG Gundam Asmoday review.
Since the frame follows the previous Gundam frame, the impression of moving it has not changed significantly.
Since the MS has a fine color scheme, there are many places that need to be supplemented with stickers or paint.
The light gray armor with purple and bright yellow are scattered in a fresh color scheme.
There are many equipments that are different from other MS so far, such as the huge Grand Tonfa and the throwable Gigant Javelin.

However, I think that there are individual differences in this, but since it was quite easy for the waist etc. to come off, it may be easier to play if you adjust it a little.

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