Custom build HGUC Gundam GPX2

HGUC Gundam GPX2 Mixing build: images, info

It is equipped with a psycho frame
It is GP 02 from the fusion of foreign substances.
Actually, with an atomic bazooka, the nucleus, psycho frame, sun path
I was planning a third energy Gundam with three powers, but I settled on this shape.
Magazines and belt rings are from other companies’ weapon parts.
A pair of sun paths are installed around the waist of the back.
This time it is Gatling equipment because it seems to suit unexpectedly but it is not equipped.
Since it is equipped with a psycho frame, naturally NT weapons can also be used.
Three shield funnels, the feeling of spreading is wonderful
Shield funnel deployed state.
A total of 7 Gatling guns turn enemies into beehives.
It’s a simple work like sticking unicorn armor on the basic GP02.

Work by 珠衣明