Review HGUC GB Limited Second V clear color

This is the Second V clear color review limited in HGUC Gundam Base Series

The clear color of HGUC Second V released exclusively for Gundam Base.
This is 2,420 yen and has been ordered by Premium Bandai.
Accessories are beam rifle, beam shield, Minovsky shield replacement parts,
Comes with 2 sabers and a fan-shaped saber blade.
Seals come with sensors and ducts in various places, as well as foil stickers that supplement the red lines on the elbows and knees.
Being the HGUC V and V2 runners have not changed, there are a lot of small surplus parts.
The antenna is also a spare.
The limited kit has the familiar clear color specifications
Most of the armor is clear parts, and the joints and weapons have been changed to metallic gray.
There are no additional parts in particular, but the color coding of the original kit is excellent, so it is good that it will be finished beautifully even if it is cleared.
You may be a little worried that the red parts of the face are transparent, but other than that, there is also a relatively simple color scheme.
I think it is unlikely that the clear parts will overlap and the color will feel a little strange.

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