MG 1/100 Nu Gundam Resin Kit

MG 1/100 Nu Gundam Resin Kit by YUJIAOLAND: full images, info

YUJIAOLAND May 16 New product announcement
The frame uses MG HI-ν Gundam Ver.ka instead of ν Gundam.
Compared to the previous work HI-ν Gundam, parts are reduced by about 100 backpacks, masking work is simplified by 50%,
Achieves a significant reduction in the amount of work compared to HI-Nu Gundam.
This time it is possible to stand on its own without a stand.
About the funnel, it is a kit made of plastic model like the previous work,
In addition, metal parts are attached to the contents, eliminating extra expenses.

1, Garage kit set (main body + backpack + weapon + shield)
2, Funnel (Plastic model)
3, water slide decals
4, instruction manual
5, metal vernier
6, metal mold parts
7, Nu Gundam limited packaging

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