RE/100 Guncannon Detector

P-Bandai RE/100 Guncannon Detector shipped in September 2021: images, info

RE/100 1/100 ガンキャノン・ディテクター【2021年9月発送】
Selling price 4,400 yen (tax included)
Earn points 44P
Reservation acceptance starts May 17, 2021 13:00
Delivery date Scheduled to be shipped in September 2021
Description of item
“RE / 100 1/100 Guncannon Detector” is now available!
High-detailed parts such as armor and backpack base to match the scale of RE / 100
In addition, the “easy to assemble” that is a feature of the RE / 100 series is still alive.
-The movable gimmick of the legs and waist makes it possible to accurately reproduce the shooting pose in the play.