HGUC Dictus (Callisto of Shadow Custom) review

This is the review of P-Bandai HGUC Dictus (Callisto of Shadow Custom)

This is an order made from Premium Bandai and the price is 3,960 yen.
The package is a single color, but the instruction manual is partly in color and there is also an explanation of the MS.
Accessories dedicated beam ax, head & chest armor parts for deformation,
It also comes with various effects.
The beam saber blade parts used as a mega particle cannon effect are still one surplus.
There are quite a few stickers, only the mono eye part.
The mono-eye sticker is the one with the mono-eye printed on the left and right in advance.
There is a sticker that determines the position of the mono eye by yourself.
The feature is that the coloring and the arms and head are arranged in contrast.
The molding color is a glossy finish with gloss injection on the armor.
So the polycap used is PC-132B.
The color scheme is almost reproduced, but fine parts such as the feather funnel and a part of the backpack nozzle need to be painted.
Since the color scheme is reversed, it looks quite different, but the actual runner change is very small.
The wrist parts on the C runner are switched from right hand to left hand,
The head cover of the B runner was just switched with a switch.
There is no difference in modeling just by exchanging the left and right arm parts other than the wrist.
Therefore, it is possible to mix the parts

This is designed to be paired with the previously released Hikari Callisto exclusive machine.
Although the head, arms, and coloring are reversed, most of them are made of common parts.
The gimmick and armament have not changed, but the huge ax and beam claw are powerful modeling.
It looks great when attached to long limbs.
Also, in MA form, it is on the right hand
When placed side by side with the Hikari Callisto machine, both wrists look like they are floating
Gloss injection is still being adopted, so it was a very satisfying kit to line up together.

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