HGUC Acguy Type A / B custom

HGUC Acguy Type A / B custom build: info, images

Created 2 types of Acguy.
By creating an extra arm and replacing it, I made two types of Acguy
Enemy ground assault type by borrowing the hand missile cover of Hygogg and the hand of Gogg.
I imagined an aggressive Acguy.
This is a normal Acguy.
The length of the arm is just the existing extension parts. The nails have not been repaired at all.
I tried to make a Z’Gok-style shikona stand.
In the production, I used various things from the pile of surplus parts of the past work
The big success is the Hygogg hand missile cover!

Work by ヤマテツ
thejetree on Twitter
satoshi.yamashita.395 on Instagram