HGUC Perfect Gundam custom

Super Mixing Build: HGUC Perfect Gundam. Images, full detailed infos

Perfect Gundam
An original reinforced Gundam produced by Kyoshiro.
In “Comic BomBom” at that time
An article describing the detailed remodeling method was published for three months.
Also, for the first time as a Gundam that appeared in manga media
It is officially recognized by Sunrise.
Full Armor Gundam
Originally, in order to match Perfect Gundam with the world view of the Universal Century
It was a refined one.
In the “MSV” series based on the world view of the Universal Century,
By a design team separate from Full Armor Gundam
With a Gundam performance improvement plan,
The existing image is
“The official announcement says it was during the One Year War,
Isn’t it actually a fake by CG?
Rather, it did not exist from the beginning.
It is also said to be.
It seems that there is a lot of relevance to the FSWS plan,
Even that is unknown.
What is the FSWS plan?
This is a weapons development plan that the Earth Federation Forces have considered since the middle of the One Year War.
At that time, it was considered as a strengthening plan for “RX-78 Gundam”, which was being promoted in Operation V.
The upper ranks of the Earth Federation Forces, who received a certain evaluation in Operation V and saw signs of the end of the war,
As a development plan for Operation V, he planned an increase weapon system for Gundam.
This time Perfect Gundam, if Amuro Ray in the final battle,
If you were on the Perfect Gundam … with the if setting,
Produced as “Perfect Gundam Amuro Machine”.
I haven’t put decals this time
The price soaring is terrible
If that price goes down
May be pasted

Power pipes have been omitted
I feel like it gets in the way of moving
Attach the attached sticker to the main camera
Blow super clear many times

Initially I was thinking of diverting the chest from Gundam fix
The kits used are:
HGUC Gundam Revive
HGUC Full Armor Gundam Unit 7
HGUC Gundam Unit 4
Old Kit Perfect Gundam
SD Perfect Gundam

The backpack is based on the old kit
Change vernier
The tank is diverted from SD
Cannon is Gunpla Ace

Hand gun is also SD base with plastic pipe
Mixing the old kit
Desorption is neodymium

In Kyoshiro, it ’s a space mine.
I wonder if there are mines to attack in the final battle
I thought I changed to a missile

Work by yuubi