MG POLYPOD BALL “speedster”

Studio Rihito’s MG 1/100 POLYPOD BALL “speedster”custom. Images, info

This is the first new work in 2 years
POLYPOD BALL “speedster”
Integration of the exterior, smoothing of the outline Smooth appearance, simple appearance like the lacy classic F1, exhaust-like power piping is the point We were particular about the paint quality.
The design makes an impressive contrast between the smooth exterior and the ruggedness of the frame.
I personally like the low forward leaning silhouette that accentuates the round body.
Only the self-made logo decal and the RED line of the Guntank are used for the decal. The logo on the top of the hatch is made from a plastic plate.
All exterior parts are smoothed. The details made of plastic board are pasted on one point.
Originally, the clear parts on the side are also separate parts, but this is also integrated. Since it is a spherical surface, it is shaped so that it has a natural line. It was more difficult to match the dust with other parts.
I paid particular attention to details such as the minus mold of etching and the details of the silver carbon pattern.
A self-made logo decal is put in one point in the propeller tank. White and gold have a glossy finish, and gray has a matte finish.
Piping details with a classic formula exhaust pipe motif
The clear parts are film-constructed to give a glass-like texture.
Currently, Unit 5 is under construction. Progress is being updated on Twitter

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