Custom build HGUC Gouf custom

中光國男’s HGUC Gouf Custom build: images, info

Vietnam veteran, codename RAMBO.
I made my own setting MS.
First of all, I remodeled the Gouf custom and made it look bad.
This time I tried to deform the shoulder like a demon
Spike is a demon’s angry shoulder
The Balkan from the Gouf Custom shield is also cool, but this time I made a muddy hand-held drum Balkan
A high mobility type booster is added in the image of a special mission command.
Yes, I got the inspiration from that movie.
In the third work, I will infiltrate the Soviet fortress in Afghanistan in cooperation with guerrillas, but a lot of firearms will come out.
I also made a typical AK47 style long rifle
Due to the radical content of the 101-minute main story depicting the deaths of 108 people, it was recognized as the “most violent movie” in the 1990 Guinness Book of Records …
Due to the Afghan battle area assignment setting, the weathering was clouded in a dark tone with the image of outdoor combat.
This time it was a petite modeling remodeling of my own setting, but I was able to make it happily

Work by 中光國男
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