RG 1/144 Zeong Rampage

Remodeling work RG 1/144 Zeong Rampage: images, info

This time, it is a refurbished work of RG Zeong, which was sold in January 2021. The production period is a large scale of over 4 months.
It was a tremendous degree of perfection and density just by assembling it, but I challenged to add more details to the whole body.
The redesigned arm armament is also a symbol of this work.
The cannon on the right arm is self-made except that the MG unicorn bazooka is used in the center.
The tank on the back is equipped with a modified version of the Byarlant Custom propeller tank.
Remake all armor parts with plastic boards and add lines
I make my own parts and incorporate them newly.
You can see the skirt. The texture and density of the armor is doubled with panel lines of varying thickness.
The resolution and image quality are better than the completed photo because it was taken by a great modeler I know.
After this, small parts have been corrected and added.
Comparison with unprocessed. In addition to renovation, unnecessary parts that do not fit the theme are removed.

Work by ヤマネコ
yamaneko311 on Twitter and on Instagram