ultimate RG Hi Nu Gundam review

FULL REVIEW for RG 1/144 Hi Nu Gundam

Hi-ν Gundam newly made into a kit in the RG Series
The price is 4,950 yen.
Accessories include beam rifle, new hyper bazooka, shield, right gun holder,
Comes with a handle, a flat hand, a stand joint, and two saber blades.
Realistic decals are included for the stickers.
A part of the funnel is diverted from ν Gundam, so some surplus parts will come out.
This time as well, the MS joint is minimal and is used only for the fin funnel part.
As it is RG, it looks like ν Gundam with a lot of arrangements.
The overall proportions are solid and close to MG’s Ver.Ka.
The feeling of density is considerable due to the color coding using multiple molding colors and fine details that are typical of RG.
Also, the fin funnel on the back has changed to a linear color coding of blue and light purple instead of gradation.
Metallic orange parts are also used for some of the joints and ducts, giving a moderate accent.
White is a calm color with a slight grayish tinge.
Of course, the color coding is perfect like RG, and fine ducts are opened to create a three-dimensional effect.
Each part was not a refined version like the old MG and HGUC, but a silhouette close to the old design such as illustrations.
As expected, the back is heavy and self-reliance is dangerous, but by attaching the tank to the ground, you can stand without problems.
The figure with the fin funnel and propellant tank removed.
The funnel rack is quite large and powerful even with the fin funnel removed.
Also, this time there was no explanation about what kind of form it was, but there is a part of the armor deployment gimmick.
ABS is used only for MS joints, and all others are KPS joints.
No polycaps are used.

Head up. The profile is also nicely shaped.
The antenna is also long, so you need to be a little careful when handling it.
The slits of the mask are reproduced with a mold, but the Balkans are made into separate parts.

Of course, clear parts are used for the twin eyes and sensors.

The armor on the back of the head was designed to move and pull in.
The cockpit can be opened and closed on the chest. The shutter will also open.
The chest duct was also opened.
The back is supported by a thick square joint that supports the backpack.
Attach the stand joint to your back as shown

Although it is shoulder armor, it is made with separate parts up to the fine thruster duct.
Also, the armor expands

Divided with no seams around the arms.
There are no movable hands this time, but a flat hand is also included.

The saber unit on the left arm is deployed without replacement.
You can also pull out the saber.
In addition, the forearm has a roll axis, and the flat hand also has a movable axis, so it can be moved quite freely.

In addition, the machine gun on the right arm has a gimmick that the barrel slides as shown in the image when the wrist is bent.
The waist armor has a large design.
Of course, V-shapes are also color-coded.
The rear armor is also large and expands as shown in the image.
You can also set the rifle by sliding the waist latch.
The hip joint can be lowered by unlocking the hip joint.
In addition, the backing parts on the back of the armor also have a three-dimensional structure and look pretty good.

The legs are solid, but the frames of the thighs and knees move and work together.
The armor of the legs can be finely deployed.
Since there is no lock, it is easy to close when touched, but it never closed without permission.

Of course, even in this state, the knees etc. will bend sufficiently.

Verniers were also finely modeled.
Of course, the soles of the feet and the toes can be moved without lightening.

Although it is a funnel rack for backpacks, it also has a built-in saber rack and can be deployed without replacement.
In addition to rotating at the base, the rack can also swing and can be greatly flipped up.
Also, the parts that hang the funnel can be opened as shown in the image.

Although it is a stabilizer, this has a deformation gimmick,
You can make it straight by flipping up the armor, stretching it, and then returning it.
In addition, there were lining parts on the back side as well, and the details were exactly included.

The propellant tank is quite large and the base is connected to BJ.
Cylindrical parts are used so that there are no seams.
The fin funnel is not a gradation but a linear color code, and the impression has changed considerably from the previous ones.

This is the RG Hi-ν Gundam review.
This time, the silhouette is closer to MG Ver.Ka than the refined version, and it has a cool body.
The strong arrangement like RG is still alive, and the details of each part are fine.
Slits etc. are also opened, and the lining parts on the back of the armor were also spectacular.
Also, the color scheme of the fin funnel is arranged and linearly color-coded, but it is also interesting to feel like a gradation.
It was a highly complete kit that was very playful and had an armor deployment gimmick without any complaints about its movement.

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