MG Tallgeese Flügel EW Review

This is the P-Bandai MG Tallgeese Flügel EW The Glory of Losers review

The OZ-00MS Tallgeese Flügel is a variation of the OZ-00MS Tallgeese appearing in New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: The Glory of Losers.

Tallgeese F newly made into a MG kit.
The price here is 6,600 yen and it can be ordered by Premium Bandai.
The package is a single color, but the cover of the manual and the decal sticking instruction part were in color.
Accessories include Dober Gun, Heat Lance (equipped with Tempest), Heat Halberd, Shield & Connection Arm,
Includes Zechs figure, 2 types of handles, gun handle, flat hand, 2 beam sabers, and stand joint.
The seal comes with a foil seal and a water slide decal.

This is based on the previously released MG Tallgeese with new parts added
It reproduces the appearance that the wing binder is attached instead of the super vernier that was in the normal version.
The basic coloring follows the normal version, but the shape of the comb has changed in addition to the wing binder.

The joint is a combination of polycap and ABS, and the structure of normal Tallgeese is diverted.
The color scheme of the MS is almost reproduced in the molding color, and the characteristic wing emblem etc. are also made into separate parts.
However, the waist armor ○ mold will be reproduced with a sticker as in the normal version.

Head up.
The shape of the comb of the head has changed and it has changed to an organic design.
This part was a single part with no seams, and clear parts were used for the camera part.

The internal camera is also reproduced and the parts of the normal version are the same, so a Zechs figure is also included.
The back is not a super vernier, but a backpack with an arm is attached.

This arm is made of Wing Gundam Zero system and can move flexibly with BJ and shaft joints.
Part of the huge wing binder is a diversion of Wing Gundam Zero EW.
However, a huge emblem part etc. is newly reproduced.

Comparison with Wing Zero EW.
The deployment gimmick inherited from Wing Gundam Zero EW is also reproduced and the left and right units open in tandem.
The overall silhouette is similar, but the details are quite different.
The Tallgeese F has a slightly more mechanical impression.

In addition, a part of the sub wing is also diverted.
The making hasn’t changed much, so there will be seams.
Comparison at the time of deployment.
When Wing Zero EW is deployed, parts like small feathers will come out, but
The vernier unit is exposed in Tallgeese F.

This is the MG Tallgeese F review.
This time it is a reproduction of Tallgeese that has been modified to the space specification that appears in the glory of the losers.
The main body is almost diverted, but various additional weapons and wing binders are reproduced using new parts.
Tallgeese had a rugged image, but the impression changed greatly by exchanging the comb and backpack, and the design changed to a feeling of elegance.
In addition, the play value has also increased due to the addition of new heat transformers and heat halberds for armament.
The armament itself was reproduced to a fine yellow color, and it was a perfection like MG.

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