HGUC Full Armor Gundam Type C custom

Mixing Build HGUC 1/144 FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam Type C. Many images, info

This time, I started to make the armament big while making the body shape massive.
I tried to make the coloring like Atlas with the image of the trial operation of the equipment when attaching the railgun of Atlas.
When you think about it again, does it look like a ν gun-like coloring?
I originally planned to add a propeller tank, so I have a long Kotobukiya underneath.
As you might expect, it also serves as a pillar when standing up.
With the main body only
The body is Jesta as you might expect
It was perfect for my favorite rugged look
The main armament changes are the railgun on the upper left of the backpack, the missile pod on the upper right of the backpack, and the beam gatling on the left arm.
Also, sub-arms are added to the left and right of the backpack.
There is a beam saber rack at the bottom of the upper propeller tank, and you can take it out from there and handle it with a sub arm.
Beam Axe is added as a melee armament
Usually mounted on the back of the waist
The beam gatling can be purged after running out of energy so that it can only be used as a shield, and it is also possible to have a shield on the above sub-arm, so you can use both hands relatively freely in close combat.
4 shields can be hung on the backpack
You can also make it look like an assault

Work by カミオ
@caim619 on Twitter