MG Mobile Ginn: amazing work

Beautiful work by ピロリ大佐 MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn: images, info, credits

MG Mobile Ginn has been completed with all painting. As usual, I created it with a mix of gradation and metallic
At first I was thinking about colors mainly in blue, but when I toned it I got a good gray so I changed it to a gray base
I felt that it was dull if it was a single color gray, so I prepared several colors of gray and painted them separately. In addition, I added highlights to almost all parts to emphasize the depth and three-dimensional effect
This time I made green and red chips and placed them in the groove of the mold Bright chips on a dark gray base It became an accent
In order to make the best use of the gradation painting as a whole, I put the dry brush on the exterior to the extent that it traces the edge, and I was conscious of not overdoing it

From the front
Although it is a slim mobile ginn overall, I was able to take a picture that visually thickens the body from an angle or from above
I also use a little metal parts for the skirt and knee joints

I think the biggest highlight of this kit is the backpack
There is a big volume when unfolded, and the part that is greatly exposed from the exterior has fine details, so paint it with iron color, strongly with chrome silver, and use a dry brush for the inner frame I put it in. In addition, the power pipe part was painted with Star Bright Gold and the whole was finished matte
I also placed a red chip here

From the front of the back. It is quite powerful when you open the backpack. Thorough surface treatment (600 → 800 → 1000 → 1500) makes the finger feel smooth even after matting
It may not have been necessary to do so
I like to leave a lot of black in the gradation, but I always try and error how to leave it and where to put the highlights.

No modifications or extensions
I changed the monoeye to SP plate and H eyes. Since there is a seam in the magazine of the comb and the gun, i carried out the seam erasing. The backpack also has seams, but it is difficult to erase it, so I processed it with a step-down mold.

The warhead is orange in molding color, but I changed it to candy-painted red because it did not match the image. All the red parts are painted with candy
When finished like a shiny apple candy, the tension goes up

I tried shooting in black and white, but I was able to take one of my favorites
I cut a color copy of the instruction manual on a 100-square photo frame and put it on the pedestal
Shooting is with the iPhone camera
Thank you for reading to the end

Work by ピロリ大佐
@piroritaisa on Twitter