EG 1/144 Gundam 30MM MGWS

EG 1/144 Gundam 30MM MGWS (Magnet Weapon System): images, info and credits

EG (Entry Grade) 1/144 Gundam and 30MM parts
The magnet weapon system in the name means that each armament is added with a magnet connection while keeping the appearance of the original EG Gundam.
The motif was my favorite FA Gundam.
All parts except EG Gundam use 30MM parts.
I put WB decals on the white base, thinking that Amuro might have enjoyed it more if he had this MS.
While thinking that the Gundam shield is still the best design, I also installed two beam guns here.
Also, including the cannon on the back, 30MM space craft material is often used here.
It is the state after disarming all.
I like the GFF series, so I did my best to reproduce this.
Also, changing the knee joint of the EG Gundam body to a 30MM Alto one is recommended because it makes the legs a little longer and the style improves.
I made the equipment with the clear EG Gundam
If it was clear, it was very nice to know where the magnet was from the front.
The corners are broken due to repeated repairs.
My favorite Ciel thigh cannon, before painting.
The fun of looking up was trained at 30MM

Work by @digouter08 (Twitter account)