HGUC Kampfer Rebake custom

Mixing Build HGUC Kampfer Rebake: images, wip too and info

I made Kampfer that seems to have reincarnated in a different world!
Image of muscle equipment that seems to be pushed in close quarters battle.
The armor part mainly uses RG Sazabi arm parts.
The small parts are filled with builder parts, 30MM parts and other junk.
The large hawk of the main weapon can also be used as a hammer gun!
Equipped with Mars for Weapon blades
Armor interferes and I am not good at flashy poses
At first it was a normal full armor image, but eventually it reincarnated as a rebake
The basic paint is dark yellow, which is a Tamiya color, and is solidly painted with a propinter. Partial painting is Citadel brush painting.
Thank you for watching

Work by あまざけ