GUNPLA BUILDER’S CONTEST JAPAN 2021 announced the Winners results of the Universal Century: images, info

Title of work [Flash ~ another ~]
HG Based on Xi Gundam, I made it with the setting that if Hathaway had inherited Amuro’s intention strongly.
Work by shun_yakaraJ on Twitter

Title of work [Destroy activated]
RG Unicorn Gundam
With LED specifications limited to Odaiba
In addition to the existing illuminations
Apply 3 steps of paint
Image of Destroy activation on the pedestal
I tried to express
I made it with the emotion I saw on TV in mind.
thank you
Work by ryunight2 on Twitter

“RX-178 Gundam Mk-II Phantom No. 6”
HGUC Gundam Mk-II Titans specification was produced as a phantom No. 6 machine. The decal for RG is pasted.
Work by tckaz55555 on Twitter

Audience Award
Title of work “Ikki Tousen”
Based on MG ν Gundam Ver.Ka, “Busei Kanu Unchou ν Gundam” that appears in SD Gundam World Sangoku Sojuden is produced in a real figure.
With a special Trinity bike and clear parts of Soujiden, i expressed the majesty and godliness of Guan Yu’s Ikki Tousen.
Work by dt0822a on Twitter