Ichiban Kuji Prize D EG Strike Gundam Solid Clear Review

Full Review with comparison for Ichiban Kuji Prize D Entry Grade 1/144 Strike Gundam Solid Clear

Ichiban Kuji Mobile Suit Gundam Gunpla
2021 started on September 25th.
It is a lottery of 790 yen each time.
Introducing this time the D prize EG Strike Gundam solid clear.
Pre-orders for the regular version have begun, but you can assemble one step ahead with the first lottery.
Only two armor schneiders are included.
There are no stickers.
This time it is a simple strike without a striker pack because it is called EG.
The color is solid clear and some armor is clear.
The white part is also molded in pale clear white.
Although it is a kit, the joints are all KPS without using polycaps or ABS.
Like EG, the placement of runners is also divided for each unit.
The color scheme of the kit is reproduced quite finely without a sticker.
The inside of the thruster duct is not reproduced as expected, but I think that it is sufficiently color-coded.
The frame between the armor is also made into separate parts.
The head was also reproduced in detail.

Head up.
The head of the HGCE strike is placed for comparison.
There is no big difference in size and antenna balance.
Egerstern, which was not color-coded even in HG, was also opened and color-coded.
It is around the twin eyes, but like the EG Gundam, the surroundings are dented to make it look black.
It’s a little worrisome when it’s up, but it feels like it’s color-coded for normal viewing.
Ducts and frames are firmly separated from the chest.
The back has a 3mm joint for the striker pack.
The inside of the thruster is not color-coded, you need to paint it.
The neck is made of plastic and has a double ball joint.
The shoulder is BJ, but there is a swing axis at the root.
The shoulder armor has detailed seams.

Around the forearm.
The wrist is only a handle and a grip.
The elbow is a uniaxial joint and a C-shaped joint is used.

All waist armor is clear.
The Armor Schneider storage gimmick has been omitted.
The ducts here are also not color-coded and need to be painted.
The hip joint is a simple BJ.
There are no particular details on the back of the waist armor.

The legs can also be assembled with as few parts as possible.
Because it is solid clear, dowels such as the back of the armor can be seen through
There are also frame parts, so I don’t have that squishy impression.
The sole of the foot has a lightening on the toe part.
However, there were solid molds such as vernier.

Compare with HGCE strike.
The overall balance is the impression that it inherits the HGCE version.

This is the whole body
The head and body balance and the size of each part are also very similar.

Armor Schneider is the only attached weapon.
As expected, the blade is a little thick, so if you sharpen it, it will look much better.

EG Gundam had some lightening and gaps in the parts that were quite conspicuous.
This is an impression that doesn’t bother me that much.
There is also a lining on the back of the knee.
It may be because the material is clear, but the shoulder armor is a little easy to come off when moving,
I had the impression that the roll axis of the thigh would soon loosen.
However, this may vary from individual to individual.
Of course, since there is a striker pack specification joint, you can easily divert a pack such as HGCE.
Rifles and shields can be equipped without problems.
Since the wrist of EG Gundam was integrally molded, the weapons that could be carried were limited.
Since the back of the hand can be removed, you can hold a strike rifle without any problems.

This is his review of EG Strike Gundam Solid Clear.
This time it is the prize of the first lottery and it is a solid clear specification of the normal version that will be sold to the general public later.
It is a strike that has been converted to EG following Gundam, but the parts division that was devised this time is still alive.
A considerable part is color-coded without a sticker.
In particular, the head was clearly divided around Egerstern.
The overall proportions are close to the HGCE version, so they are nicely organized.
A wide variety of striker packs can be used, so if you have one, you can enjoy it even more.
Since it is a D prize, there are a relatively large number of prizes, so if you are interested, it may be a good idea to try it out.

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