HGIBO Gundam Gremory custom

HGIBO 1/144 White Gremory custom: images, work in progress, info and credits

HG 1/144 Gundam Gremory.
A little mold has been added except that the conspicuous seams have been deceived.
The back wing is painted with gradation.
The nano-laminate coat is white.
The Gundam body under the coat is gray because the impression is flat when the whole body is pure white.

The color is blue.
And from experience, this kind of color scheme does not tighten the impression unless you add even one point of warm color, so the tsuno is yellow and the fingertips are red.
When it’s completed, it looks like it’s in Gundam Sentinel.

A big weapon looks like a mask
The impression changes when you wear a hood
The missing anchor looks like a grim reaper scythe
It was fun to make it with an interesting design.

This is the state of crackling.
In the CG image before the release, I had the impression that it was black, gray, and red, but the molding color was dark blue, khaki, and pink.

There are noticeable seams on the knees.
Here, streaks are carved at the seams and the target positions
Make the seams look like panel lines to disguise the seams.
For each part, use a masking tape or guide tape as a guide to make a notch with a saw.
Line carving with the same groove width with a chisel.

The mold width by using 0.2mm and 0.5mm together.

Otherwise, add a round mold instead of a spin blade with a flat-blade screwdriver that has been sharpened.

The step-down mold throughout Gremory is painted with a water-based hobby color
Wipe off the paint that has squeezed out with a cotton swab with Magic Lin and apply it separately.
I tried to show the mold clearly by putting a stain on dark gray etc. with light gray.

Work by 永遠の蒼
@sioagisoluto on Twitter