Review of the Ichiban Kuji Prize A MASTERLISE MECHANICS Freedom Gundam figure

Ichiban Kuji Prize A MASTERLISE MECHANICS Freedom Gundam Figure is one of the Mobile Suit Gundam & Mobile Suit Gundam SEED related items that you can win by drawing lots at Lawson, bookstores, hobby shops, etc. It is a figure that reproduces well-balanced proportions, silhouette, profound feeling, and precise modeling.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED The main character Kira Yamato’s boarding machine “Freedom Gundam” is made into a figure as MASTER LISE MECHANICS of the first lottery. It holds the MA-M20 lupus beam rifle and anti-beam shield, and is shaped in a standing pose that you can enjoy at any angle.

The A prize is reproduced with basic coloring based on white with blue and dark gray. Each part duct reproduces fine color coding to the surroundings and the inside. Realistic caution marks are printed on each part of the armor. No stickers are included.

The armor of each part is made of PVC resin (polyvinyl chloride), which is the same as a general figure, and ABS is used for the joints, and each part is firmly fixed. There are no moving parts. However, since it is a strong rubber-like soft material, it can be bent slightly. (Returns to the original.) The figure is moderately heavy and gives a solid and profound feeling.

It is equipped with two wings on the back, but using the stand stabilizes its independence. It seems difficult to stand on its own without a stand. Independence is possible by removing the wings.

Comes with a stand. A simple small stand with a clear molding color.
The stand consists of two parts, a support and a bottom plate. Since there is an insertion port in the inseam, you can fix it just by inserting it there. The square dowels are partially chipped so that they are not oriented correctly.

head. Since it is a figure, some collapse can be seen by all means, but the twin eyes and the MMI-GAU2 “Picus” 76mm CIWS close-range defense cannon are also finely modeled.

Chest. Each part is finely color-coded, such as the air intake, the central red armor, and the collar armor. The internal structure of the air intake is also fine.
The head connection shaft is a semi-cylindrical type. It plugs in firmly and does not easily come off or sway.

waist. Each part, such as the central part and the left and right armor, is sharply shaped. The mold on the surface also reproduces the precise modeling of the plastic model level. The front armor has a deep gap mold and is so realistic that it seems to move.

The rear armor has a special shape not found in other Freedom Gundams. It also contains a fine mold to give you a sense of precision.

MMI-M15 “Xiphias” Railgun on the waist. Each part, such as the muzzle, rear duct, and base armor, is finely color-coded. The muzzle is molded to the inside. The MA-M01 “Lacerta” Beam Saber pattern is fixed.

Arms. Although it is slender, it has its own mold for both the upper arm and the forearm.
The MA-M20 Lupus Beam Rifle is also modeled without fail. The sensors and partial armor are also neatly color-coded, and the blue lines are also undisturbed.
The shield also reproduces the precise modeling and silhouette like a plastic model. Even though the back side is almost invisible, detailed modeling and color coding are reproduced. The grip etc. are also shaped exactly.

Shoulder armor. fins on the inside, gaps and slit ducts on the front and back are finely shaped. The ducts on the top and sides are also painted separately, and the Freedom Gundam markings are neatly printed on the front side.

leg. Although it is slender, it is stylishly and finely shaped. There are a lot of molds on both the thighs and below the knees, but it’s not awkward because there are no stains.
Sole part. The ankle armor and the duct of the instep are also modeled without slippage. It is good that the C side is also finely and sharply shaped.
The duct at the rear of the leg is also color-coded inside and outside, and the sole of the foot also contains an appropriate mold.

wing. The surface contains precise molds and markings. There is no deployment gimmick, and each part is firmly fixed. The gray of the gap is also finely painted, and the marking is sharp and realistic. Since the wing looks like a plastic material, I wonder if ABS is used.

Backpack. Although it is small and simple, the duct is painted red on the edges and has a precise slit mold inside.

Check the size side by side with HG Ground Type GM and HG Lupus Rex. It is about twice the size of a small HG.

Side by side with MG GM Command (colony battle specification) and MG Double Zeta Gundam. It is bigger than the relatively large double zeta in MG.

Side by side with MG Freedom Gundam Ver.2.0. Not to mention the size, the wings on the back are similar only in the small wings, but the overall shape and proportions are quite different.

Packing state. It is a cardboard box of about 30 cm. The upper part has a handle.
It is contained in a plastic case sandwiched from above and below. The surroundings are fixed with tape, but be careful as glue will remain when the tape is peeled off.
It is packed separately for the head, fuselage, and left and right wings. There was something like grease on the surface of the wing, so I wiped it clean.
The stand is packed separately with a support and a bottom plate. In particular, instructions such as assembly are not included. However, the stand can only be assembled in one direction, so I wonder if I can get lost.

that’s all. Partial construction such as the head seems to have different tastes, but the modeling and color coding of each part are reproduced precisely and realistically. The ducts of each part are shaped and color-coded to the inside, and the back of the shield can be made without fail. The wings are sharp, and each part is so precise that it seems to be really movable, so I think it’s a pretty good figure for a display.
The markings are printed clearly without any misalignment, and the color coding accuracy is high. The standing pose is designed so that it looks cool from any angle, and it seems to be useful as an original modeled Freedom Gundam that Gunpla does not have.

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