HGIBO Cyclase’s Schwalbe Custom Review

This is the HGIBO 1/144 Cyclase’s Schwalbe Custom Review

The price is 1,760 yen.
Accessories include 2 dedicated hand guns and a rifle and battle ax.
He said that the rifle and battle ax should be treated as an extra and assembled as you like.
In addition to the head and reactor, the seals come with a shoulder thruster and a foil seal that supplements the shoulder and shield mark.

Although it is a surplus part, there are a lot of parts there because it is based on HG Schwalbe Graze.
It seems that the HG Schwalbe Graze can be rearranged, but in reality the vernier and lead wires of the D2 runner are omitted.
It cannot be assembled as HG Schwalbe Graze

Schwaelbe Custom (cyclase machine) kitted from HG Iron-Blooded Orphans Urdr Hunt.
As the name suggests, it seems to be a MS on which a character called cyclase is on board.
According to the instruction manual, it is based on the Schwalbe Graze, but it is a uniquely customized MS.

There are quite a few differences, such as the lack of boosters on the thighs and the increase in the number of booster units on the back to three.

Since it is an HG glaze kit, PC002 is used for the poly cap.
The coloring of the MS is wine red and brown, and the joints are also bright brown.
the color coding of the MS is roughly reproduced, some parts such as the head and reactor
The shoulders, shield lines, and the inside of various thrusters are not enough.
Except for the inside of fine thrusters, most of them can be supplemented with seals.

Head up.
The first released Schwalbe Graze (McGillis machine) has been painted by hand, so I will compare it with the HG Schwalbe Graze (Gaelio machine).
The head is almost diverted and the camera part etc. is a seal, but the shape of the antenna is different
It has changed to a two-antenna type.

The torso is up.
The front side is no different from the normal Schwalbe Graze.

However, the back is quite different and a booster unit has been added to make it three.
However, the vernier itself was downsized.

Although it is a shoulder armor, it has changed to a type with a mold because there is a line mark only on the front left shoulder.
Most of the other armor is diverted, but there is also a difference in the side vernier part
A cover has been added and the nozzle has become smaller.
Since the division is front and back division, there is a seam.

Although it is an arm part, it is made of Graze type, but the left arm has a shield added instead of a wire claw.
And the rounded forearm armor that was in Schwalbe has been removed and replaced with the same simple thing as the Graze.

As for the legs, the vernier has been downsized like the other parts, and an additional booster has been removed.
The ○ details on the side of the thighs were color-coded with separate parts.
The armor below the knees has not changed in particular, and there are seams on the sides.

This is the HG Cyclase’s Schwalbe Custom Review.
Although it is based on the Schwalbe Graze, there are many changes unexpectedly,
The addition of an antenna on the head and a booster on the back, and the miniaturization of the vernier are conspicuous.
The armament has also been renewed and it has changed to a weapon with a light image like the main body called a hand gun integrated with the blade.
There were some loose joints, but it is based on a well-made Graze system.
In addition to the armament of the Graze, there are a lot of surplus parts, so it was a content that you can enjoy customizing as you like.

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