HG Cyclopes Zeong custom build

HGUC 1/144 Cyclopes Zeong custom: images, info and credits

The gunpla used are:
HG Zeong
RE Nightingale
HG Kshatriya
HG Kimaris Vidar

Imagine a base final defense MS with a reuse P device attached to a completed Zeong MS.
Arranged with Gundam frame + Kshatriya hand parts for the shield gimmick of the sub arm

Bazooka painted finely with Gundam markers

The backpack is made up of a plastic board scratch + nightingale + kshatriya + cotton swab container

The wire adopts the original that bundled and bonded three wires.

I added a muzzle to the arm other than the fingers.

Work by トレノシティ
@jbm5000 on Twitter