HGCE Load Astray Ω review

This is the HGCE Load Astray Ω review (Premium Bandai) images, comparison

The price is 2,640 yen and it is an order from Premium Bandai.
The package was a single color and the instruction manual was a simple one without a description of the MS.
This time, the kit is based on the HGBD Load Astray Double Rebake that was previously made into a kit.
Many parts are diverted, but it is divided into quite small parts
I’m glad that the complicated color scheme of the limbs is reproduced without using stickers so much.
Also, the armament is as simple as a load longsword only.
Because there are bellows swords that can change the mode to various shapes and change the shape
Since a big sword is heavy, it is difficult to hold it with one hand, but it was a worthwhile kit.

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