Full Mechanics Raider Gundam Review

This is the SEED Full Mechanics Raider Gundam Review

Calamity was first made into a kit, but following that, Raider Gundam was also made into a kit with SEED full mechanics.
The price is 5,500 yen.

Accessories include a double-armed 52mm ultra-high initial velocity mantlet gun, a crushing ball “Mjolnir”, a right gun holder,
Comes with a calamity joint, 4 types of stand joints, a joint to decorate the ground, and a stand that can be used for Mjolnir.

The seals come with a foil seal and a marking seal that supplement the sensors.

Although it is a surplus part, the full mechanics GAT frame runner is used and there is a surplus part
There are some parts that are not used in the stand runner.
Following on from Calamity, Raider is a new kit with SEED full mechanics.
The calamity was also arranged quite a bit
This time too, flashy arrangements such as SEED full mechanics and SEED MG have been added, and the amount of details has increased considerably.

The proportions are not so smart, but rather a strong body shape with a solid body shape.

Like Calamity, polycaps and ABS were not used for the joints, and all were KPS joints.
Calamity runners are used for some of the joints, but the diversion points are few and it seems that they are almost new.

Because it is full mechanics, it has a relatively simple structure without an elaborate internal frame like MG.

The color coding of each part is precise, and the edges of the wings are reproduced with separate parts.
Since the amount of details is large and the color coding is solid, it is comparable to MG.
Of course, a transformation gimmick is also installed.

This is the SEED Full Mechanics Raider Gundam Review.
This time as well, it features a flashy arrangement that matches the calamity and SEED MG.
Not only the fine details but also the shape of each part is sharpened, making it a spectacular kit.
Although it is a full mechanics frame, there are also lining parts etc., and it is not inferior to MG.
Also, the gimmick is elaborate, such as the lead wire of the iron ball and the barrel of the shoulder can be stored.
Since the deformation also has a lock, even a large aircraft was a snappy thing.
It’s a little dangerous, but it can also carry calamity, and it was a highly complete kit.
I would like to see the remaining Forbidden as soon as possible.

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