HGUC Zaku II Kai Ground Battle HM Type

HGUC Zaku II Kai Ground Battle High Mobility Type [G Type] remodeled with scratch build parts: images, work in progress too, full description and credits

HG Zaku II
HG Zaku II was remade into a Ground battle high mobility type [G type] by repairing various parts.
This time too, I created the theme of plastic board scratch, heat press, rivet, and weathering.

[Remodeling place]
Head → streak, face reduction, shape change, change to monoeye H eyes
Chest → 2.4 mm wide, armor added by heat press, curved surface removed and remade into a flat exterior, streaks, etc.
Lumbar → Cut once and process, add details
Shoulder → left shoulder, remade into spikes like Gouf peculiar to high mobility type.
Remade to match the shape of the right shoulder and shield, and added details
Arms → Add detail mainly with streaks and plastic boards
Shield → Created by complete scratch with plastic plate
Larger backpack → plastic plate scratch
Legs → Thighs have been remade larger, and other parts have been armored and added by heat pressing. Scratch new vernier
Color → Base Gaia Mecha Heavy with pure black
Main color → Gaia dark green is toned even darker
TOP coat → Gaia flat clear

Work by @black57775 on Twitter