RG Sazabi clear color ver. improved

How to improve the RG Sazabi clear color ver. images, description and credits

RG Sazabi clear color ver. Completed!
The frame is painted metallic. The clear parts are polished with a file, compound, and wax to create a beautiful finish.

There are various clear color kits,
-The bold internal frame is firmly reproduced
Undergate makes the gate mark, which is the natural enemy of the clear kit, less noticeable.
That’s why I chose RG Sazabi.

The black part is glossy black → painted with my favorite combination of crystal color sapphire blue

Only the shin armor was lonely, so I masked it along the mold on the back and painted it with silver from the back.

The frame is completely painted with premium mirror chrome so that it looks beautiful even through the exterior.

After polishing with a file of 4000 to 10000 and a compound, Tamiya modeling wax was applied to the finish. Unlike painted parts, you don’t have to worry about scraping the base, so feel free to polish it!

Work by KURO
@kuro_craftsman on Twitter