SD Qubeley Zero fighter variable machine

中光國男’ s SD Qubeley Zero fighter variable machine: images, info and credits

A few years ago I mixed MG Qubeley Damned with Zero Fighter
At the time, I didn’t know anything about it, but after making it, I learned about the magic modification from a senior modeler

Ever since then, I’ve always had the desire to make a variable machine someday…

I will be participating in the SD variable machine festival this time
The previous Qubeley was a non-deformable variable machine, but this is my second SD production and I’m challenging myself with a variable machine

In order to make the Qubeley of SD Gundam Generation F look neater, I thought about making it the “first cross silhouette”, but it didn’t work.

I was such an SD beginner, but I tried to forcibly incorporate a cross silhouette into the steel frame of the aircraft

I made it possible to mix and switch Tamiya’s 1/72 Mitsubishi Zero fighter on a large SD head

I feel that the scale model looks good with weathering, so I painted it with a brush to make it dirty

Magical remodeling is not just a remodeling, but something that contains people’s love, dreams, romance, and a bit of “recklessness”

Work by 中光國男
@kunionakamitsu on Twitter