HGUC Long range sniper Zaku custom

Mixing Build HGUC 1/144 Long range sniper Zaku: images, info and credits

It’s a Zaku because it’s a Zaku’s head. It’s hidden by a highly sensitive sensor mask.
Although it is a sniper, the silhouette is far from the beginning.
In addition to the above, Grimgerde and Sinanju and other junk are included in the mixing.
Details are improved with streak carving and plastic plates in various places.

in front
The rifle is an Origin Zaku, combined with the scope of the MSG rifle and the knife of evil, so that it can be completed with one.

right side
I used Todesritter’s for the shield.
Masking the beam cannon(?) separately was troublesome, so I painted it without tape.

rear side
The backpack uses Grimgerde’s torso as the core, mixed with other parts, and also has a radome.

A knife attached to a sniper rifle. I’ve slightly modified the one I’m afraid of and made it attach to the rifle with a magnet.
It has a wide range of motion and is easy to pose.

long-range sniper rifle
The reason for the general purpose is that it can be used not only for sniping but also as a normal rifle.
It’s too long and difficult to use with a normal machine, but it’s easy to use thanks to its wide range of motion.

Although it looks like this, it is now possible to shoot from a knee stand.
Speaking of snipers, this is the pose.
If you shoot with your right hand, what is the correct answer to land on your right knee? When I looked it up, I felt like I could go either way, so I chose the left side.

The rifle can be lightly attached to the right arm.

I was making a radome like that, but there was a builder’s part (?), so I chose this one.

Work by 蚊鳥
@Katori_13 on Twitter