“Mobile Suit GUNDAM A.O.Z RE-BOOT” MS Setting: RX-124HS GUNDAM TR-6 [ADVANCED WONDWART] HAZE’N-THELEY II Form: images and full description

(this name is due to the chaos at the end of the Gryps campaign), also known as the “high-speed combat form”, is the replacement successor to the RX-110. In addition, it can be said that this form is characterized by the fact that it was prepared to make the upper management understand the concept of “model integration plan” and “universal conversion system”.

The ARZ-125 RE-HAZE, on the other hand, is a modified version of the HAZE’N-THELEY II Form captured by Legion. In addition to being equipped with a large-caliber mega particle cannon directly connected to a generator, it is equipped with a Psycommu, and has been replaced with streamlined armor, giving it a more solid silhouette.

MS form and MA form of HAZE’N-THELEY II Form. The upper and lower bodies of the MS form are connected by a drum frame, and the upper and lower bodies can be separated. When transforming into MA form, each part moves around the drum frame. Although the drum frame has been added, it does not mean that two [WONDWART] are being used.

A RE-HAZE that refurbished the exterior of the captured HAZE’N-THELEY II. There is no change in the basic structure and equipment of the MS, but its silhouette is greatly different.

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