HGUC GM Spartan desert custom

HGUC 1/144 GM Spartan desert custom: images, info and credits

The main color is dark yellow, and the accent color is gull gray. The back backpack has been changed to a multi-back. The proportions have been changed by extending the eaves of the legs, antenna, and helmet.
The contents of the bag on the back are actually empty lol
Since it became impossible to stand on its own when parts were put inside

The frame part is painted with star bright iron over the black surface.
Even the unassembled parts are of this quality.

The molding color was dark green.

I extended the eaves of the helmet part by 1 mm to make the eyes look sharper. Antenna uses build parts

The external armor is made with oxide red once. I used tank painting as a reference. This was also a good color, so I applied a partial gradation

The soles of the feet are also painted separately, although they cannot be seen. I tried my best to paint the v mark

Work by kazuのこ
Here below his Twitter account