HGUC GM Spartan custom hand painted

mesarymon’s Brush painting HGUC 1/144 GM Spartan custom, full info-work, images and credits

I painted everything with a brush except for the lacquer spray on the base. The heat knife was taken to hide the Yokai parts.

Version with visor. The Spartan has solid camera details, so I thought it would be a waste to hide it with a visor, so I completed it without a visor.

I like the expression of the oil stains on the joints that no one cleans, the shield that looks like it will blow off if you put it in one pan, and the duct where the paint has peeled off due to the exhaust heat below.

I used lacquer spray for the base, water-based paint for the main, and oil and enamel for the dirt. I mainly used Citadel and Weathering Color.

Brushed with Citadel after lacquer. Rather than applying it evenly, I dared to apply it with a feeling of leaving a brush unevenness.

The decal is peeled off with a design knife or nail. I increase the amount of details by making it a little stronger and crunchy and exposing the underlying oxide red.

Weathering colors blue, black, and white are applied to the entire exterior for staining and fading. I will repeat it several times to finish it with a convincing weathering.

A comparison between the basic painting and the one with the above dirt and pin wash. I tried to increase the amount of details by making the kit dirty without processing the kit.

Changed the antenna to Haikyu Parts. Originally I wasn’t going to replace it, but it broke when I dropped it, so I tried it.

I wanted to try dripping, so I tried clear orange enamel and oil, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted… In the same way, the weathering color is applied to the whole to express rust.

I tried to express the three-dimensional rust of the backpack duct only with paint.
Tifaus corrosion solid paint
Abaddon Black & Ryza Rust Sponge Chipping
Weathering color red & brown solid coating
iron warrior dry brush

Work by mesarymon on Twitter

( excellent work… gunjap)