HGUC Ground type Gundam base defense spec

ぷられい’s HGUC 1/144 Ground type Gundam base defense specification: many images, full info and of course credits

HGUC[210] Ground type Gundam is used.
As the name suggests, the concept is to wait for the enemy’s invasion route at the base and intercept it with a large gatling gun, abandon evasion, stop and attack while hiding in a large shield that can be moved independently from the container on the back.

A large shield is attached to the container, and the Gatling magazine is also mounted, so it is very heavy.

Another angle of Gatling stance
The large shield has a two-sided angle to minimize the area of ​​the main body that is hit.
For the same reason, a part of the shield can be opened and closed like a shutter so that the part to look into the barrel is reduced.
Cameras are installed in various parts of the shield because the field of vision is blocked by the shield. (That’s the clear green in the corner.)

The armor on the side of Gatling is equipped with a normal shield on the right arm, and the defense of the front and right side of the MS is raised to a degree.

Standing back shot with Gatling
I weathered the gatling magazine, various shields, and the container to make it look like it has been used.
Also, I added the leg vernier that was in the original plan, although I felt that the concept was excessive now.

180 mm cannon also shoots with a large shield
The pose isn’t stable unless it is on its knees

“relaxed state”
It is an orthodox form that separates various large equipment.
Additional armor is applied to the whole body to withstand unexpected hits.
I think it would be nice if the weathering gave a feeling of being renovated on site and being exposed to rain and wind.

Mount firearms behind the large shield
I envisioned switching to normal equipment after shooting all the Gatling.

From the front with the Gatling
I feel that I was able to express a nice weight with various equipment and paint.

The front side of the large shield is mostly regulated parts such as scratches and molds. The other one is a slightly modified Kotobukiya part.
I processed the shutter part so that the door part fits in like this, but after finishing the painting, it became stiff and I ended up removing it when it was open.

Before painting the large shield, it is connected at an angle like this (see photo below)

The Gatling magazine and the holding part are separate parts, and the holding part is made by myself with a plastic plate.
The container, holding part and magazine are connected with neodymium magnets.

The additional armor of the main body uses plastic plates and various existing parts. It was fun because I don’t do much.
The armor of the loincloth part is diverted from EZ-SR.

Matte top coat after base painting and decals
The base paint is water-based hobby color brush painting.

Finished with weathering and finished painting up to the top coat

Early stage of creation
The whole shield is just a piece of board with tape temporary fixing (lol)
Thank you for watching the creation process. It’s my first post, so I don’t know what to do, but I’m looking forward to seeing you in the future.

Work by ぷられい
@ purarei6 on Twitter