HGUC Gouf heavy arms Custom

ガジュマル’s HGUC 1/144 MS-07C-3 Gouf heavy arms type Blitz company Custom: images, info and credits

I made a mysterious (?) MSV Gouf heavy armor type with a lot of settings. It is a machine belonging to the Blitz Company (29th Armored Company), which is characterized by a fox mark.

At first glance, the biggest selling point is the 85mm 5-tube Gatling unit x LR, which looks like a “giant hand”.

I’ve never seen the setting picture of the back, so I aimed for a “old-school MSV feeling” and improved it.

MMP-80 is set as a sub weapon on the back waist.

Light armored type of heavy armored Gouf, slim body.
The arm unit should be purgeable.

The left and right arm units are removed. Except for the shoulders and arms, it’s almost HGUC Gouf Custom.

Work by Gajumaru810 (Twitter)