RG 1/144 Gundam Epyon

In September 2023, “RG 1/144 Gundam Epyon” will be released. Official Images, item description

Description of item
“Gundam Epyon”
from “New Mobile Report Gundam Wing” is commercialized as a completely new RG model! Equipped with a new movable gimmick optimized to swing the beam sword powerfully and naturally!
Adopted RG original arrangement with pterosaur motif!

■The torso can swing on 2 + 1 axes, and the abdomen can be expanded forward to improve compatibility when bending forward.

■We adopt lock mechanism to hip joint. Both deformation and movement are compatible, and it is possible to swing robustly and widely.

■ A wide range of expressions can be added to poses with the movable axis added to the upper part of the wrist and the movable forearm roll.

■Shoulder armor deploys, allowing you to raise your arms while keeping your shoulders in position. It also supports powerful poses that raise the beam sword with both hands.

■Blade follows the movement of the knee and does not interfere with natural kneeling.

■The wing parts are linked with the movement of the wings. The height of the wings can be adjusted by moving the base shaft.

■In MA mode, the corners and mouth can be opened to express facial expressions.

■ A pull-out ball movement is built into the shin to realize the movement of the neck. The movable axis of the thigh creates a flexible neck movement like a pterosaur.

■Advanced MS joint is adopted for the heat rod. Realizes a sharp form like a sword and flexible movement that draws a spiral.

■The cable that connects the beam sword and the mount latch uses a lead wire.


■ Beam sword × 1

■ Beam sword holder × 1

■ Shield x 1

■ Heat rod × 1

■ Hand parts × 1 formula

■ Display joint x 2 types (for MS/MA)

■ Lead wire x 1

■ Realistic decal × 1
Price 4,620 yen (including 10% tax)