MG 1/100 HM Zaku III mixing build

Katori’s MG 1/100 HM Zaku III mixing build: full images and full work description

This time, it was the first time in my life to mix with MG main, and based on the Gunner Zaku Warrior for MG Luna, I created an image of a MS between Zaku III and IV.
It took me so long…

I’m also making it based on the challenge of how much I’ve grown from myself a year ago. So if you are familiar with the high-performance Zaku, it might be interesting to look for similarities.

The huge heat hawk is made by connecting the MG Sinanju and the Aegis rifle, and the blade is made of plastic board.

Weapons and placement are conscious of Zaku IV.

right side
The rifle is a slightly shorter version of Barbatos’s and is made with the image of the rifle that Zaku IV has.

The green, black, and red coloring worked well together.

Since I already have mobility in my lower body, I chose a backpack that is neither too flashy nor too weak.

I was worried about the shape of the chest for a long time, but I think I managed to erase the feeling of Zaku Warrior. Oh, the mono-eye is illuminated with a UV light.

unarmed front
I mixed it so that the whole was a triangle, giving it a solid feeling.

unarmed rear
I also painted the parts hidden by the backpack.

Work by Katori_13 (Twitter account)