Improved HGUC V2 Assault Buster Gundam

Improved HGUC 1/144 V2 Assault Buster Gundam: many images, info work and credits

I created my own arrangement of the V2 Assault Buster, the late protagonist of V Gundam, the “First Gundam” for me. The A-line silhouette with a solid lower body like the setting picture at the time, and the current silhouette with the additional weapons of the latest format “MG Ver.Ka” tightly packed. In addition, while being inspired by the work of Mr. mat modeling service, which can be said to be the definitive edition, I aimed for a styling that combines each of them.

Color recipe
Body White = Neutral Gray I (G) Blue = Bright Royal Blue (G) + Cobalt Blue (C) + EX White (G) Slightly Red = Rose Bright Red (G) + EX White (G) Slightly Yellow = Character Yellow (C) + EX White (G) A little AB parts White = Cold White (G) Gray = Neutral Gray III (G) Mecha Color 1 = Mecha Suff HEAVY (G) Mecha Color 2 = Graphite Black (C) Mecha Color 3 = Star Bright Duralumin (G) and others

The rear buster parts have been rearranged to create a more cohesive silhouette.

Wings of light are scratched with PP sheet and gel medium.

Work by @ nextedgedisco (Twitter account)