HGUC Re-GZ Amuro Custom

布団大魔王’s Amazing work. HGUC 1/144 Re-GZ Amuro Custom: many images, complete work description and credits

From the Modeler:

HG 1/144 Re-GZ Custom has been completed!
Since it’s Amuro’s exclusive machine, I chose the νGundam color this time.

around the whole
The composition is a mix of HG Zeta and HG Re-GZ, just like the previous Re-GZ, but the backpack is scratched with a plastic plate.
The main backpack of this work
Except for the vernier and beam cannon, it is made by cutting out plastic plates.
It took a lot of time… but I think it’s gotten a lot better

Favorite wingtip lights
Left and right have different colors

The beam rifle is based on the νGundam and has a slightly rugged shape. I personally felt that the original AK-like design didn’t match the Rigacus, so I changed it.

Beam cannons and missiles are transplanted from νGundam into the shield.

Side by side with the previous Re-GZ
The basic composition is the same, but I think that the feeling has changed considerably because it has heavy equipment.

Amazing work by 布団大魔王
@ Futon_Daimaou on Twitter