HGUC Rick Dias Karaba Operation custom

CAWORKS’s custom build HGUC 1/144 Rick Dias Karaba Operation custom: full images and description. Credits too

“Use whatever you can.”
Rick Dias, an MS piloted by Amuro Ray in Karaba. The Rick Dias was also dismantled, with its movable frame and some parts being used in the MS Dijeh developed for Amuro. However, many of the remaining parts were still usable, and Karaba, who was in a difficult situation, approached Anaheim Electronics through Luo Shokai and succeeded in procuring a movable frame. Rick Dias, which was operated in Karaba, was reassembled and returned to the battlefield. Although some parts were missing, parts from Nemo and GM 2 were used to make up for it. The coloring is based on the fact that Karaba’s engineer is a former Zeon army mechanic who was present at the prototype Dom test during the One Year War, and Rick Dias gives off a Dom vibe.

The pilot on board believes that he does not have the same evasion ability as Amuro Ray, so he is equipped with a GM custom shield.

The beam pistol’s snail magazine has become a spare magazine for the Dijeh, so the beam rifle itself has been modified from Bowa’s BR-S-85-C2, the same as Nemo and GM 2. The pilot was also familiar with the beam rifle, so it seemed to work out well in the end.

Clay Bazooka uses the initial equipment AE/ZIM’s AE/ZIM.C-BAZ-531 as is.
Then, the beam bazooka EX-T3-2, which had been stored since the One Year War, was equipped with the EX-T3-2-c Beam Raketen Buzz, which was forcibly fitted with a Raketen Buzz shield.
Armed for melee combat, it is equipped with a beam saber, which is the initial equipment. The beam color has been changed to yellow.

Proportion modification.
The front skirt has been extended, the abdomen has been extended and the abdomen has been modified to be movable, the head cover has been extended, and the head has been modified to swing.

The specifications are almost finalized.

Basic painting complete.

Work by CAWORKS_0518 (Instagram account)